OO3 Beauty center first launched the business in 2004 by a team of exceptional pharmacists and researchers with the goal to elevate Thai cosmeceutical industry to international standard. We aim to provide excellent services and products; ones that are safe, exceptional in qualities and are suitable for Thais. With our experiences, expertise in pharmaceutical industry, and years of researching alongside many renown dermatologists; we found that many customers still lack the fundamental knowledges on how to properly take care of skin. This lack of knowledges results in short-term and long-term damages of the skin. Therefore, with these comprehensions in mind, we had come up with a wide range of products that attend to the needs of customers and are widely praised by dermatologists and customers alike. OO3’s products, with their marvelous qualities and reasonable prices, are able to supersede the dependence on foreign products.

          The growing interests in OO3’s products resulted in the customers’ needs to create their own brands using products from OO3. Therefore, we launched another section of our business—OEM services—to comprehensively assist the needs of entrepreneurs in launching their own cosmetics businesses, be it consulting, conducting research, generating cosmetic formulas, branding, manufacturing, or launching cosmetic brand. To this day, our services have garnered praises and are widely trusted by customers across the country.

          Our factory is now ready to attend to diverse needs of our customers. Our team of expert researchers and pharmacists utilize latest technologies and innovations to provide a wide range of products and services. We are trusted by aesthetic clinics across the country to manufacture their products. In 2012, we were certified Good Manufacturing Practice from Thai FDA—we are now aiming to achieve the ISO 9001 standard to attest to our quality, potential, and excellence in the year to come. We promise to relentlessly provide excellent services to both Thai and international customers.